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Sam Sleeves and a New Hampshire Song

By , 30 November, 2009, 1 Comment

I thought I was done with the Pennystock chaser…but R&F played the audio with Sam singing and talked about it a little, so here’s a snippet of that…
There was some milk-and-honey New Hampshire talk, so I thought I’d write a song to set things straight. Even though I don’t think there’s much in the song that’s true.

We live up in New Hampshire
We don’t have lawns, we have pastures
When we go outside, we use lanterns
It’s always dark in New HampshireIMG_4525

Went to the city and got blown away
Not a single milkshake there anyway

So I came back here to New Hampshire
We don’t get sick cept for cancer
We don’t have cars we drive tractors
We don’t have jobs we have grandeur

I don’t care what anyone says
In New Hampshire we got Ron & Fez

On the Radios here in our tractors
milkshaking the dark of the pasture
Not a single question to answer
In New Hampshire, in New Hampshire, in New Hampshire

Did you know…I need a job?

Sam sings Pennystock Chaser

By , 27 November, 2009, 3 Comments

And he reveals his favorite part! (I hope to the lord this is my last post about Ye Olde Pennystock Chaser…)


And lastly, did you know…I need a job?

AMV Story – The Dinner in the Dark

By , 26 November, 2009, No Comment

“In which Sherwin is invited to dine aboard the Flying Yankee, which invitation includes a rather mysterious request.

Music by: Sherwin Sleeves, The Ink Spots, The Eels, Johann Johannsson, British Sea Power, David Byrne, Mark Kozelek & Elizabeth Cotten”

Sherwin wrote “The Dinner in the Dark” for Thanksgiving Day broadcast on New Hampshire Public Radio.

Download Link

And lastly, did you know…I need a job?

Pennystock Chaser the Movie

By , 25 November, 2009, No Comment

Ron helped get me ready for the asylum yesterday as he relentlessly played Penny Stock Chaser as Fez tried to do the live read.
And I felt sure I would be very happy never to hear it again. But then Moochcassidy made up this cool video and now I have found peace with it and I don’t have to go to the crooked house on top of the mountain with all the funny birds wallpapering the windows:

Sarro’s Balloon

By , 22 November, 2009, 1 Comment

I understand that WBEZ in Chicago played Sarro’s Balloon yesterday – some people wanted to buy it, but ha ha – it’s not sellable at the moment.

I’m hoping to perform this story live in Peterborough in January at the release party for Redwing Blackbird’s new CD.

Sam Amidon (I used 2 of his songs in the piece) will be on hand for the above and if it all does go down, then I’ll put together a CD using Sam’s and RWBB’s music and we’ll all split the huge winnings!! 🙂

But for now you can listen below or download…

There are actually two versions – one includes the interview I did with Gwen Macsai and the other is just the story itself.

Download Link to Story

And the interview version below:

Download Link to Story with Interview

Stonyfield Sam

By , 19 November, 2009, 6 Comments

Sam wanted a snack outside on the porch, so I set the camera up and away we go:

I sent my application in to Stonyfield today. 🙂

Stonyfield Jingle

By , 18 November, 2009, No Comment

StoneyCup copyI don’t think my songs will ever top the charts. But I think they work in the context of other things – like radio shows or stories…or products maybe. I think I would have made a good jingle writer.

So here’s a quick Stonyfield Jingle- a part of my continuing mad-and-minor quest to get a job at the Farm by only indirectly applying for it through the courtesy ward of Social Media.



In the Chocolate Underground
I found a Pomegranate Berry
French Vanilla Lemon Peach
Key Lime And Then Strawberry

Yogurt, like a cow in snow
At Stonyfield organic is delicious so!

I climbed aboard the Donegal
Set Sail for Londonderry
We’re yogurtless and rudderless,
Completely arbitrary!

But the yogurt, like a cow in snow
At Stonyfield organic is delicious yo!

Is there such a thing as a “courtesy ward”? Where did I get that from?

And of course, I will really apply. I just have this Dr. Curioso hypothetical gimmick of coming around through the back door that I have to explore for 15 minutes. Which I think exists because I don’t believe strongly enough that my piece of paper in the pile of paper pieces on the desk of the Human Resources person at Stonyfield will rise to the top. It seems like fishing – the hook goes down and something gets caught – but there’s an element of happenstance. So I’m dancing out in the fields with the cows.

Back to the courtesy ward with me.

“Whisper, Pray, Make Room” – New CD!

By , 13 November, 2009, 1 Comment

WhisperPrayCDCoverKunakiI’ll be doing three live performances of my new Christmas musical play Whisper, Pray, Make Room this December.   It’s kind of like Charles Dickens “Christmas Carol” meets Eric Bogosian’s “Talk Radio” meets a crazy steamboat musical. My Scrooge is a virulent talk radio host named Steve “The Sledgehammer” King. He’s bitter, his audience hates him, and he’s suffering from a terrible ailment. But during his Christmas Eve broadcast, he receives three life-altering phone calls…

I got a lot of help from the listeners of Ron & Fez in the form of phone calls to my Google Voice account.   I’ll be interacting with these during the show like live calls.   Blowhard, Dr. Steve, and Katja were especially awesome – working with me to create our new versions of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Future, and Present respectively.WhisperPrayCDInsetunaki

I’ll do a lot more thanking of all these great folks and the regular callers when I post about the show later on.

“Whisper, Pray, Make Room – Songs From the Play” – includes 11 songs.  I am also very grateful to Peterborough composer Dave Seidel for providing the backing track for the Intermission sequence.  Thanks Dave!

You can buy the CD here using Paypal or Credit or for $10 at the show.  It’ll be on iTunes in mid-December.

Show Performances:

WhisperPrayCDBackKunakiDecember 11th and 12th at The Practice Room in Meredith, NH at 8 pm.
December 18th at Toadstool Bookshop in Peterborough, NH at  7:30.

Penny Stock Chaser Twitter song

By , 12 November, 2009, 4 Comments

I was eating lunch and listening to R&F and Ron started singing along as Fez did a live read for Penny Stock Chaser. I was trying to redo what Ron was doing, but after I sat down at the piano I couldn’t really remember. ha ha.

Here it is anyway…[audio:]

Ron relentlessly playing it while Fez tries to do the read:


Sam & the Big Big Feet

By , 9 November, 2009, 1 Comment

Lois isn’t feeling well so Sam & I took a drive to Campton Cupboard to get her some soup and orange juice.  Along the way Sam asked some questions about growing up – specifically wondering why he can’t “feel” his body growing.